A Tale of Two Cities: McColl Center + the North Tryon Corridor

McColl Center’s unique location on North Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte places it mere footsteps from the vital center of service delivery for people experiencing homelessness. This project is an artist-led initiative of that seeks to elevate the voices of neighbors experiencing homelessness and housing vulnerability in the North Tryon development process.

5 Artists Every Charlottean Needs to Know

Five artists-in-residence arrive at McColl Center in August for the fall 2018 residency season.

7 Artists Every Charlottean Should Meet This Summer

Seven artists-in-residence arrive at McColl Center in June for the summer 2018 residency season.

When Neighbor is a Verb

Artist Marion Wilson creates a “social sculpture” in the heart of North Tryon to help the rapidly-growing city of Charlotte keep its priorities in check.

Julio Gonzalez: What If?

“I wonder what if. I think, how big can I make it? How small? How hard can I throw it against the wall?"

Creative Risk-taking with Kevin Hogan

Freedom, exploration, experimentation, and the value of risk are key themes in the studio practice of Asheville-based alumnus artist Kevin Hogan.

Bayeté Ross Smith: Everyone Belongs

Alumnus artist-in-residence Bayeté Ross Smith (2008) celebrates the cultural differences that make America so unique via his 2017 TED Talk.

7 Artists Every Charlottean Should Meet

Seven artists-in-residence arrive at McColl Center in January for the spring 2018 residency season.

Banner Poems: P. Scott Cunningham

Poetry as a part of the experience and identity of everyday people.


In 2016, African Americans represented 44% of all new HIV diagnoses in the United States. ALTERNATE ENDINGS, RADICAL BEGINNINGS features seven new and innovative short videos prioritizing Black narratives within the ongoing AIDS pandemic.